Pinch Hits

We just sent three pinch hits (2-4) out here. They are due on the 15th. If you're able to do one, please reply to the group or email us with the number of the pinch hit and your ao3 name. Thanks!

We're still waiting to here back from two people with drafts in the collection, but hopefully we won't need to send out anymore.

Post Deadline

The deadline has past. It seems that AO3 might have given some people problems posting tonight. There are a number of people who have posted a draft multiple times. We cannot see drafts. If you've finished, but had problems posting, please send us what you have, and post when you're able. Unfilled assignments will go out in the AM as pinch hits.

Assignments Due Tomorrow

Assignments are due in approximately 34 hours on September 10th at 11:59 pm EDT. There is a count down here, and you can see the time it is where you are here.

To post simply go to the collection here, choose "Post to collection" near the upper right, be sure to put in your recipient's name in the "Gift this work to" field, and post as you normally would. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.